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Dear Caroline, 

I know I’ve been needier than usual lately. For that I am sorry. Please be patient with me. When I am needy, please remember:

That when I need to hear that you love me more often, it’s because there were too many times in my life when I thought no one did. 

That I need to know how important I am to you because there were too many times that I didn’t mean enough. 

That I need you to touch me gently because there were lots of times someone else’s touch wasn’t so gentle. 

That I need to be reassured that I am the only one because so many times I wasn’t. 

That I need to hear things over and over again because too many times it was a lie that couldn’t be kept straight. 

That I need to make my own decisions, but that I want your input because too many times no one else cared. 

That I need you to tell me that I am beautiful because too many times that wasn’t the compliment that I was given. 

That I often need to know that things are okay between us because I have definitely missed too many cues in the past. 

That you aren’t going to leave me because I’ve seen everyone I’ve ever loved walk away. 

That it’s okay to trust you because too many times those were exactly the ones I couldn’t trust. Those who hurt me and took advantage of me. 

That I am working on me and trying to fix it, that it’s not you or your fault, but that I need you to be patient with me because I am learning myself. 

I know it’s unfair, but I can’t help it. It’s so hard. Please be patient with me. 

I love looking at my ring. It’s beautiful. I love what it means, what it symbolizes. But it is a material thing and in no way a substitute for you or your words. 

Please just be patient with me.