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Dear Caroline, 

Thank you for last night. 

The memory of your hands on my skin. Your pale skin contrasted against my tan. The way you trace my tattoos with your fingertips, giving me goosebumps. The way you kiss my skin softly, parting your lips slightly, nipping at first, biting me. 

The way you fit against me perfectly, your hands on my hips, pushing and pulling me against you. 

How you feel behind me, beside me, between my thighs. How I love the way my skin slides against you. The way electricity sparks every time we touch, skin on skin. 

The way your lips feel against mine, the way our lips part, the silky feel of your tongue in my mouth. The way you nip my top lip and we pull apart, just a little, gasping for breath, to start again. 

I love the feeling of you. Feeling you against me, near me, inside me. How you make me feel wanted, sexy, desirable. 

I miss your touch most of all. Every cell in my body screams out for you. I miss your kisses, the way they warm me from the inside out. 

Just touch me. Please.