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Dear Caroline, 

Yesterday was intense. I think I understand on a very basic level but I don’t think I truly understand what it all means just yet. 

I don’t understand how difficult that conversation must have been for you. I do and I don’t. I know that it must have been a lot, that it must have been overwhelming, waiting on those text responses with your breath held, your heart pounding. I don’t know how you felt.  

I don’t know all the thoughts racing through your head, but I know some of them. I know you had to have been scared, nervous, afraid of how it might turn your world upside down. 
I know what it means to you. Acceptance. Validation. Finally. It also means transparency. Being honest about something that’s never been talked about before. The understanding that I am more than just your “friend”. With blessings and well wishes. 

So tell me, my love, how do you feel? What is it like? 

We are becoming a family. A whole, complete, cohesive family. With love and support. There will be bumps ahead. Some I can see and some I’m sure I haven’t even thought of yet. 

I am completely sure that we will get through all of it together. You and I. Me and you. I can’t help but feel like we’ve started something very special. I understand that not everyone will want to be a part of it and not everyone will approve. But what we have is amazing. 

We can explain and we can demonstrate what love and family and unconditional support look like. We will include all of them. I will love them all because they are part of you. 

Baby steps, my love, baby steps. 

But yesterday felt like we ran a mile.