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Dear Caroline,

I miss you. You’re working so hard and I’m so proud of you. You’ve made some moves lately that are so much better for you.

But I miss you.

I miss the “I love you” text in the morning when you’re exhausted but you get up to pee and I know you’re thinking about me.

I miss the random “thinking of you” texts during the day any time you saw something that reminded you of me.

I miss the sneaky pee break texts during your shift.

I miss the hour or two at night, talking about your day, the random photos you would send, the I love yous that never grow old.

I miss oohing and ahhing over cakes and desserts.

I miss the texts or calls on my lunch break before you go to work. The ones where you tell me how much you miss me and that you can’t wait to see me.

I know you’re busy working on you. I know you’re busy with work. I know you have seventy billion things going on.

I just miss you.