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Dear Caroline,

It’s 678. I checked. Ten hours.

We’re so far apart. Physically speaking. But I’ve never felt closer to another human being in my life. I’ve never felt that someone understood me the way I think you do.

You’re so far from me. It’s not a twenty-minute drive to get to you. I can’t stop by the restaurant and have a drink at the bar and watch you clean up the kitchen. I can’t wait for you to get out of work and kiss you hello. I can’t run to see you on my lunch break and share a quick meal with you while you’re waiting on your food truck. You’re not fresh out of the shower and dozing on our bed, waiting for me.

And I’ve never felt more secure. I’ve never felt what I feel for you. I thought I loved you before you set out on this great adventure. I had no idea.

I love you more now than I ever have. I drove ten hours to see you for one day and then drive ten hours back. I barely remember either drive, but I remember every second of being near you. Being in your bubble. Walking around Epcot holding hands in the sun, the flowers, the smell, the pizza.

I’ll neveimager forget how good the pepperoni was on my half and how you couldn’t stop eating it. How you moved them around on my side to make it less obvious that you’d eaten so much of it. How you offered me your prosciutto and I laughed and
confessed I’d already eaten some. How it took me thirty seconds to eat two slices.

I’ll never forget the rides you took me on. Our cruise through Mexico. What it was like to learn and just enjoy being by your side, my hand in yours. Watching you watch me enjoying the flowers. I love flowers. How allergic you are to all of it and how you insisted that we stay anyway.


I loved dinner with you. How good that sweet tea was when they made it correctly. Like home. How wonderful it was to have your hand on my thigh as we drove around. What it was like to wander around with you at all hours, enjoying the cool night air.

How magnificent it was to make love to you three different times in those 28 hours. How fantastic you feel. How you always feel like coming home. I love your mouth, always so warm and inviting. The way your lips feel against mine. The goosebumps I get when you bite. How silky and smooth your tongue is.

I would walk those 678 miles to be in your arms again. Gladly.

Marry me. Make me feel this way forever.