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Dear Caroline,

I can’t imagine my life without you. I can’t remember a time before we were together or how I even began to cope with things.

I don’t know that I tell you often enough how much you inspire me. You are my muse. You are the creativity behind my color palette when I paint, you are the lyrical quality in my poetry, and you are my inspiration when I write.

You are the reason I write here. Because I write to you here often, others have started noticing. Without your words of encouragement, 54db70aa2d852_-_sev-long-distance-relationship-de.jpgI would have never taken on the task of guest blogging for someone else. SurviveLDR.com is a great resource for those walking the same line we are. When they asked me to do a guest post I wasn’t convinced I was up to the task. I’ve never written for anyone but myself until you. Now everything I write is for you.

We discussed it when I was in Florida. We talked about all the things I should include and giggled about my experiences packing and getting through airport security. When I got home the very first thing I wrote was about our Anniversary Dinner and how amazing that whole evening was. Then I settled in to write the article we’d discussed, the one for and about you.

Six Packing Tips for a Memorable Long-distance Visit was written. I agonized over it. I sent you copies to read before sending it to the editor, panicking, expecting to hear back that no one was impressed with my writing skills. I was pleasantly surprised when they enjoyed the article. I told you that I’d let you know the final draft was up as soon as I did. Here is is.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved that entire trip to see you. I hope we inspire someone else to stick it out and not give up hope just because miles separate their bodies. If we can make someone laugh or give it more time, try harder to communicate or explain, if we can help someone else find their happily ever after the way we have, then it’s because of you, my darling.

You are my muse.