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Dear Caroline,

I’m here, watching tv on the couch that we’ve sat on so many times doing just that, holding hands. The time we watched “Pulp Fiction” and I fell asleep, my head in your lap. All the late nights watching “Orange is the New Black”. You patiently sitting through Jeffery Donovan’s voice while I watch episode after episode of “Burn Notice” or geek out to “House”. You’re so good to me.

Today we discussed plans. Soon. The word still makes me smile. It’s the thought that in three weeks I can be laying in your arms again. That three weeks from right now, I can be tilting my head up to touch my lips to yours. That in twenty-one days I can make love to you again as the sun rises. I can reach for your hand and find it. Even if it’s only a couple of days, it’s more than worth it. I would do it for five minutes with you.

My whole body twitches and shivers at the thought of being near you. It’s almost more than I can stand. I miss you so much. The last months have been torturous. I know there is more time still, away from you, but I just want this chance to see you, to drink in the sight of you, to feel you on my skin once more.

Let me. It will be glorious.