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Dear Caroline,

I can’t wait to kiss you again
My love.
You are my everything and
My One
And everything in between.
I love you and
That is the beginning
And the end
Of everything.

I can’t wait to touch you again
My one and only. 
You are my sunshine
And my moon
And I love you more than
All of the stars.
You are the beginning
And the end
Of my Universe.

I can’t wait to hold you again
My darling.
I love you the way the ocean
Loves the shore.
Constantly hugging and
Caressing the shoreline.
You are the crash of my wave
And the swell that comes back
For more.

I can’t wait to make love to you
My love.
You are the heartbeat
Inside of me.
You are the contraction and
The relaxation of the muscle
In my chest
That keeps me alive.

You are my heart
My love.
You are the laugh lines
On my face
And the creases
Around my smile.

You are my everything
My darling.
Every beat of my heart is
For you.
Every breath that I draw is
For you.
Every happy tear that rolls down
My face is
For you.

I am yours.
I want nothing
Just you.
I am yours.