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Dear Caroline,

Tonight I did something completely different. I wrote you a poem. It’s been awhile since I’ve written, although in the past I’ve won several awards for it.

I Am Yours

I see you, my love.i see you

My eyes

Track you and watch you and I feel

My soul turn over when you walk towards me.

My heart skips a beat.

Even if you were just here five minutes before.

You were gone for forever.

I counted.

Your eyes

Gaze into my soul.

The familiar fire sparks in my chest

When we make eye contact.

I am yours alone.

I inhale you, my darling.

beachYour shampoo. Your lotion.

You always have the heady fragrance of

Saltwater and sunshine and sand.

You forever smell like summertime rain.

Your skin

My nose to you, breathing you in

Replenishing my soul with your scent.

I am yours alone.

I listen for you, my love.

Your laughwhisper

Lusty and unrestrained.

I live for the sound.

I hear the rest of my life in

Your laugh.

I hear your breathing change.

Your breath quickens and pauses

In those moments I am with you.

I am yours alone.

handsI caress you, my darling.

I feel every curve of your body.

Muscle and bone.

The smoothness of your skin,

The roughness of the callouses on your hands.

The ones that know how to give me goosebumps every time.

The feel of them on me.

I can’t stop touching you

Not now, not ever.

I am yours alone.

I taste you, my love.

Your lips on mine.kiss

Slightly sweet, a little salty

Perfect, just like you.

Full lips always warm and

Wet and willing to part for mine.

The taste of you weakens me.

I am yours alone.