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Dear Caroline,

Last night was amazing. All nights with you are amazing, but I don’t mean the sex.

I mean sitting on the couch, no TV, no electronics. Only the breeze from the ocean through the open door, you and I.

Silly conversations that take the edge off of our long weeks apart. Important conversations that remind us that we’re in this together and for the long haul.

Things like being reminded that we both eat everything bagels with cream cheese (or plain, split between us, if DD has run out and only had the one again), to your newfound love of coffee (iced rocky road or a hot caramel macchiatto).

Rocky Road iced coffee – yes, please!

It’s the small things that I love best about you.

How excited you get when I’m geeking out about unimportant things. How you listen when I’m not even saying anything. All of the things we have in common, despite our different upbringings and cultural heritage.

Even the occasional language barrier has gotten us ticked a time or two.

All I know for sure, at this moment, is that I’m so crazy and madly in love with you.