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Dear Caroline,

Tonight I told you all the things I’ve been holding back. I told you how much I love you, where I see us going, and why we can have it all.

I love you to the moon and back. At least twice. If I could, I’d pluck the moon and the stars and wrap them with pretty trimmings and give them to you. My love for you is as endless and as wide as the entire universe. It knows no limits or bounds. I know because I can feel it in my soul when you laugh. I can sense when you cry. I know when you’re doubting yourself and why. I know that my heart has a longing for you that is only matched by the ache that my skin feels when we’ve been too long without touching. I don’t expect anyone else to understand. As long as you do.

When you’re full of doubts and can’t think straight, it will be my voice that you pathfollow. It will always be me. It will be me who loves you and consoles you when you’re crying. It will be my lips that kiss the tears from your cheeks. When you’re so full of hesitation that you’re not even sure who you are, it will be me that gently reminds you.

We can have it all. There’s no need to pick and choose which pieces we want to keep or throw away unless we want to. You’re not lost but wandering, love. My feet are planted firmly on the path and I see where it goes. If you wander too far away chasing your butterflies and picking flowers, I’ll call your name. When you’re groping along in your personal darkness, it’s my hand that you’ll find. I’ll always rescue you.